How to Improve the Productivity of Old Tractors

How to get rid of an old tractor? Well, maybe you don't need to. There are several steps you can take to improve its productivity. By following these tips and techniques, you can help your old tractor perform better, operate more efficiently, and save money in the long run.


How Do You Increase the Efficiency of Old Farm Tractors

  • Maintain the Tractor

The first step to improving the productivity of an old tractor is to make sure it is well-maintained and in good working condition. Regular maintenance tasks are essential to keep your tractor running smoothly. These tasks include changing the oil and filters, inspecting the brakes and transmission, checking the battery and electrical system, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. By doing this, you will not only increase the tractor's productivity but also extend its lifespan.


  • Install a Tractor Auto Steer System

Adding a GPS auto steer to farm tractors can help farmers work better. By using the auto steer system, farmers can be more efficient with their resources like fertilizer, pesticides, and fuel. This helps reduce waste and boost productivity. For instance, the system can create precise rows for planting, which means crops are spaced evenly and less fertilizer is needed. The auto steer system also makes farming more sustainable and reduces environmental harm. Moreover, using GPS auto steer can save farmers time and make their work more efficient. This can lead to bigger harvests and more money.

install an auto steer system

  • Train the operator

Proper training can help the operator use the tractor more efficiently and get the job done faster. An experienced operator knows how to use the tractor safely and effectively, as well as the better way to maintain a tractor's life span while farming.
  • Get New Tires

Replacing the tires on your tractor with a new set can improve its traction, which in turn leads to greater fuel efficiency. If you buy the wrong type of tire, it could negatively impact the tractor's performance. Thus, it is vital to measure your tires and rims properly to ensure better performance.
  • Use High-quality Materials

Using high-quality oils, lubricants, and fuel can significantly enhance the performance and fuel efficiency of tractors. Premium fluids contain chemical additives that provide effective protection to various moving parts such as gears, clutches, transmissions, and hydraulic systems. This protection extends the lifespan of the tractor. Moreover, using high-quality products can help reduce maintenance costs and increase the overall reliability of the tractor.

How Does Auto Steer on a Tractor Work?

What's the most fuel-efficient tractor? If you ask a modern farmer, they'll likely say one with a GPS auto steer system. This system helps with precision agriculture tasks and saves fuel, which is important during Spring farming.
With auto steer systems, the tractor uses GPS, sensors, and a control system to stay on a path without constant driver input. This helps reduce driver fatigue, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

One example of an auto steer system is the Sveaverken F100, which is designed for older tractors and has some great benefits.


How does Auto Steer for Older Tractors improve productivity?

  • 2.5cm High-accuracy Reduce Material Waste

As a tractor auto steer system for sale, it utilizes GNSS RTK technology, ensures 2.5cm accuracy guidance during tractor operation. It auto-drives according to the guidance line and fixed width space, avoiding skips and overlaps significantly. Material usage can be maximized.

2.5cm high accuracy

  • 3 Guidance Line Modes Boost Tractor Efficiency

The Svea F100 auto steer system with advanced mode has three guidance line modes: straight/curved and pivot guidance line mode ( *requires software upgrade). This is designed to help drivers operate accurately in various fields. The straight-line mode allows the driver to maintain a straight course while the system uses GPS signals and sensors to keep the vehicle on track. The curved-line mode allows for following a curved path, which is useful for planting or spraying crops. The pivot-line mode is used to irrigate circle-shaped fields like in Mexico. By using these guidance line modes, drivers can reduce errors and improve productivity.

If you have an old tractor and is planning to replace it with a new one, well, don't. You can install the Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System. It works with over 90% of brand tractors and helps with precision farming, so farmers can use it to upgrade their old tractors, which can save lots of money and put more old tractors back to work.

powerful compatibility of Svea F100 Auto Steer System


In conclusion, when it comes to improve old tractors' productivity, precision agriculture technology for crop farming is the key. At this point, the Svea F100 Auto Steer System will be a game-changer for old tractors. Like many Sveaverken customers who own old John Deere tractors said, after adapting this autosteer tractor guidance tech, their farm profits and tractor productivity improved surprisingly.

Therefore, by integrating this system with the above upgrades, improving the productivity of their old tractors will not be a problem for farmers anymore. So, don't let your old tractors sit in the barn and gather dust. Revive them with the Svea F100 Auto Steer System.

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