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Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System

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Precison Farming

  • Tractor Auto Steer System with 2.5cm High Accuracy

    F100 with Advanced Mode

    F100 Auto Steer System with software upgrade can be installed on your old tractor or a new tractor. It makes driving a tractor in the field smarter, easier and more efficient for the farmer.

    F100 System enables 2.5cm high precision navigation, U-turn, Field Management, Implement Library, three guidance line modes (straight, curved and pivot) and other advanced features that make precision farming possible for every farmer.

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  • Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System for tractors

    F100 Auto Steer System

    Adopting GNSS RTK technology, Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System achieves a high accuracy level of 2.5cm, optimizes the tractor's operating path, improves the farmer's working efficiency, and reduces fuel/fertilizer waste. 

    With Sveaverken Precision AgTech, farmers will enjoy a new experience of hands-free farming.

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  • Sveaverken F100 Advanced Mode for U-turn Auto Drive

    F100 Advanced Mode

    Software upgrade for F100 Auto Steer System. You can add many features to the system, such as U-Turn Auto Drive, Field Management, Implement Library, Task Continuation, and more. 

    With just one activation code, you can unlock more functions to make your work easier.

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  • Sveaverken V1 RTK Base Station with APP

    V1 RTK Base Station

    Low cost and lifetime access to RTK signals without the worry of unstable network signals and without expensive Ntrip subscription fees.
    Easy access to centimeter-level accuracy in precision agriculture. Its RTK signal can cover 5km and support multiple devices to share and use together.
    Equipped with an extra mobile APP, you can set the parameters of RTK Base Station remotely.

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Advanced Auto Steer System for Tractors

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"We don't want to replace my tractor, but we would like to upgrade it. The main thing for us is having straight lines and consistent pass-to-pass accuracy."

"Affordable Precision Ag for every farmer. And it greatly increases farmers' productivity and reduces farm input costs."

"Farmers can benefit from tractor autosteer economically. The inflation is out of our control, but precision farming is part of the solution worth farmer's trial."

"Sveaverken Online Store revolutionizes the shopping experience for farming equipment, providing a seamless online purchase process along with expert pre-sale and after-sale customer service."

Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer In The Field Testing

Four Winds Farm
United Kingdom

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