After-sales Service Policy

Ⅰ. Policy Implementation Scope

The after-sales policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) for all the products, including F100 Auto Steer System, RTK Base Station (hereinafter referred to as “the products”), sold by Sveaverken Online Store (hereinafter referred to as “SVEA”).

Ⅱ. Policy Content

1. Warranty Period

    • The F100 Auto Steer System comes with a 2-year warranty and the RTK Base Station has a 1-year warranty. The warranty period of all products sold by Sveaverken Online Store, including the F100 Auto Steer System and RTK Base Station (hereinafter referred to as “the products”), starts from the date when the customer signs for the product.
    • In case of any hardware malfunction for reasons beyond control during the warranty period, the product(s) involved will be replaced for free. For any hardware malfunction caused by human error or after the expiry of the warranty period, the product(s) concerned will be replaced with paid service.
    • Products or parts that are replaced free of charge during the warranty period shall still be calculated according to the original warranty period.

    2. Method of Warranty Service

      • In the event of any performance failure specified in the List of Performance Failures within 7 days after the customer signs for the product, upon verification by SVEA remote technical support, free replacement or maintenance will be available.
      • For any performance failure specified in the List of Performance Failures within the warranty period under normal operations, SVEA will provide free maintenance.
      • If you have any questions or need technical support, please email or contact SVEA E-Commerce service team

      Following is the List of Performance Failures


      Performance Failure Remarks
      F100 Auto Steer System Unable to power on Please contact your network operator first for a network problem.
      Abnormal power-off
      Abnormal IMU operation
      Abnormal motor steering
      Abnormal routing
      RTK Base Station Unable to power on When pairing and searching for satellites, please perform in an open, unobstructed, and no strong electromagnetic radiation area.
      Abnormal power-off
      Indicator light not shown
      Unable to pair
      Unable to search for satellite


      Notes: Any failure/malfunction not specified in the list above shall not be deemed as performance failure.

      3. Problems not Applicable to Warranty Service

        • The warranty period for the product with faulted mainframe or components has expired.
        • The product is damaged due to natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, typhoon, mudslide, tsunami, etc.) or irresistible external forces (animal, pet, insect, livestock epidemic, etc.) or improper operations (foreign body entry, liquid substances entry, scratch, strong radiation, etc.).
        • The product is disassembled and repaired without authorization or sent to any service point unauthorized by SVEA for inspection and maintenance, or any part of the product is sent to SVEA's authorized service point without SVEA’s authorization.
        • The product specification is modified or changed without authorization, or any accessory not sold, authorized or approved by SVEA is installed, added or expanded, which results in product failure or damage.
        • The service marks on control terminal are unidentifiable for being torn or damaged, or the warranty card is altered or inconsistent with the product, or the bar code and the serial number of any part are torn and damaged.
        • The user fails to operate the product according to the user guide or otherwise improperly operates the product, which results in product failure or malfunction.
        • The components include external rubber parts, standard parts and vulnerable parts that require regular maintenance.

        4. Policy Rules

        Any matters not covered in the Policy shall be subject to relevant laws and regulations as well as provisions of SVEA.

        5. Policy Interpretation

          The Policy shall be subject to interpretation by the Overseas Sales Dep of SVEA.