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Sveaverken F100 VS Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode: Which One to Buy?

How to choose the most suitable auto steer system under a limited budget haunts farmers in daily farming life. To help farmers get rid of such a dilemma, Sveaverken Online Store introduced the newest Sveaverken F100 and Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode in October. Both of them are capable of achieving 2.5cm high accuracy and catering to different budgets.

Sveaverken F100 and Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode enjoy both the same hardware, but they differ in software. Sveaverken F100 covers the basic needs of general agriculture activities. But Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode adds more high-tech features based on that. The features include pivot mode guidance line, U-turn Auto Drive, field management, implement library, etc.

Sveaverken surveyed customers who had already purchased or were interested in the Sveaverken F100. The results show that when purchasing the system, they are mostly affected by factors like pricing, features, application scenarios, and adaptability.

Head below for a deep dive into the Sveaverken F100 vs Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode.

1. Pricing

The price difference between these two mainly comes from the advanced mode.

For a single Sveaverken F100: €5499.

For Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode: €6499.

2. Features

Generally speaking, Sveaverken F100 highlights mainly in following aspects:

  • 2.5cm high accuracy operation. The single GNSS receiver is equipped with a built-in IMU to collect real-time RTK correction data. So Sveaverken F100 ensures the tractor works at 2.5cm high accuracy.


  • 2 guidance line modes: Straight/Curved line mode. This can normally meet the operation needs of most fields throughout farming seasons. It generates guidance lines automatically and helps farmers start their tasks quickly. Besides, it keeps the rows straight/curved and evenly spaced without depending on experience or intuition.


  • Easy and free installation

    . Another pro of Sveaverken F100 is the highly integrated modular design. It ensures one-man installation in 30 minutes and free of charge.
  • Terrain compensation. It maintains 2.5cm high accuracy when driving straight lines across sloping or rough terrains with minimized skips and overlaps.

    terrain compensation

  • Drive at an ultra-low speed of 0.1m/s

    . This speed is ideal for planting potatoes, sugarcane, etc.

If you own multiple fields to manage and look for features that help you operate easier in the headland area, then Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode might be more suitable for you.
Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode adds more advanced features mainly as follows:

  • Pivot-line Mode enables the tractor to auto-drive at a fixed space evenly in a circle-shaped irrigated field. The 2.5cm high accuracy ensures the most irrigation coverage of the farmland.

    irrigated field

  • Field Management collects multiple field data and records history tasks and guidance lines. Therefore, just several simple clicks on the Control Terminal will make tractors start working quickly after switching fields. It conveniences a lot for managing multiple fields.

  • U-turn Auto-Drive achieves fully automatic operation in the headland area. Auto path planning ensures the tractor drives the best route. Automatically turning at the end of the row and finishing off the headland area eases farmers' work pressure.

    U-turn Auto-Drive

  • Implement Library boosts the farmers' work process by switching implement mode quickly. It provides management of up to 10 implements for free.

    tractor implement-3

  • Task Continuation leads the tractor to stop or start work anywhere, anytime. So it's convenient for farmers to re-engage with their unfinished tasks.

  • Here are detailed comparisons between Sveaverken F100 vs Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode.


    Sveaverken F100

    Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode

    Straight guidance line

    Curved guidance line

    Guidance line translation

    Guidance line synchronization

    Terrain compensation

    Mark the edge (edge alert)

    Ultra-low speed (optional)

    NMEA (optional)

    Area metering

    Field management

    Task continuation


    Implement library

    Pivot guidance line

    3. Application Scenarios

    Sveaverken F100

    • Operated in a rectangular, square, or irregular field:

      Sveaverken F100 could take care of the whole process in this scenario. It has two modes: Straight-line/Curve-line Mode, which is capable of meeting the needs of most field conditions. The system is equipped with terrain compensation features. Therefore, the tractor gets to auto-drive straight lines with 2.5cm high accuracy when across sloping or rough terrains. Then the skips and overlaps will be significantly reduced.

      irregular fields

    Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode

    • Operated in irrigated fields:

      Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode is more suitable for circle-shaped fields, like irrigated fields in South America or Mexico. Its new Pivot-line mode works accurately in such scenarios. It generates circle guidance lines according to the field condition, then follows them to drive evenly with 2.5cm high accuracy. Every inch of the field will be irrigated.

    • Managing multiple fields:

      Managing multiple fields at the same time could be exhausting. Because it'll take lots of time to collect field data repeatedly after changing fields. However, such a problem won't exist in Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode. Its field management aims to collect and record data like boundaries, history guidance lines, and tasks, etc. So tractors can work directly with the recorded history information in an operating field, and the working process could be much faster.

      multiple fields
    • When planting crops that require frequent implement changes:

      Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode owns an Implement library. It is much more convenient when changing the implements. For instance, planting potatoes requires several implements at one time. Farmers need to harrow the soil deeply, and then ditch the soil evenly. Next is to sow the seeds, spray fertilizers, etc. In this case, it'll be a time-consuming job if the farmers have to re-import and recollect implement data each time after they switched an implement. With the implement library, farmers no need to repeat the mapping anymore and the switch will be easily done at one click. Free management is up to 10 tractor implements.

    Having read the above comparisons, you may become more clear about which one is better for you. So next let's see the commons of the Sveaverken F100 and Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode.

    4. Adaptability

    Both two products are compatible with more than 90% brand tractors, harvesters, rice transplants, and planters. You can click here to check the adaptability of your tractors.

    5. After-sale Service

    With a highly-integrated modular of the tractor single antenna, sveaverken Auto Steer System supports one-man installation.
    What's more, those who purchase at the Online Store will enjoy 7/24 hours of online free chat. Comes with the documents including a detailed installation kit.
    Usually, most problems can be fixed by online technical support. If there are any other issues, our official support team will arrange for the nearest offline technician for you to handle it. (This requires payment.)

    6. Which One to Buy

    To sum up:
    • If you have a considerable sufficient budget, it is highly recommended to grab the chance to take the Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode home. (Only need to add €350 more on Sveaverken F100.) Because it brings you more powerful features like U-turn Auto-Drive to meet various farming activity needs. Meanwhile, it maintains all the features of Sveaverken F100.

    • If the budget is limited, the Sveaverken F100 is still a good choice for you. For a farmer who owns a single field, Sveaverken F100 is qualified to cover all his/her basic farming activities throughout the farming seasons.

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