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F100 Advanced Mode Upgrades Your Tractor Auto Steer System Performance - Straight & Curve & Pivot Guidance Line, U-turn Auto Drive, and More (Activation Code)

F100 Advanced Mode Upgrades Your Tractor Auto Steer System Performance - Straight & Curve & Pivot Guidance Line, U-turn Auto Drive, and More (Activation Code)

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F100 Advanced Mode is a software upgrade based on the F100 Auto Steer System. Feature upgrades, pay once, use forever.

Unlock more helpful features:
· U-turn Auto Drive
· 3 Types of Guidance Lines (Straight & Curve & Pivot)
· Field Management
· Implement Library
· Task Continuation
· Path Numbering

Purchase Instructions

Step 1: Add to cart

Step 2: Fill in information(make sure the email is correct)

Step 3: Pay with Paypal, Visa & MasterCard

Step 4: Email delivery within 24 hours

Activation Code Usage

· This upgrade function needs to be installed on the Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System to use.

· You will receive a 24-digit activation code and an upgrade tutorial from your email after the payment.

· If you have any other questions, please leave a message on the website or via

Shipping Area

· If you own a Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System, you can directly pay for the software upgrade regardless of the region.

· If you want to buy the Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode, our products are currently available on the European and US markets.

After-sale Service

· 365-day Warranty

· 7/24 hours online 1v1 technical support (Free)

· Installation gift packs (Free)

· Offline technical support within the nearest range (Paid)

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U-turn Auto Drive

Sveaverken U-turn Auto Drive is something tractor drivers have long desired. F100 Advanced Mode enhances your tractor's auto steering performance through Auto Path Planning, Auto Turning, Auto Straight Line Driving, and Auto Headland Closing.

  • U-turn Auto Drive

    Upgrade the U-turn software feature and reduce your cost for maximum land utilization. This feature enables automatic path planning, U-turn path customizing, and automatic driving to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Auto Headland Closing

    The U-turn function allows you not to worry about overlapping land and missed plowing. In addition to Auto Path Planning and Auto U-turn, it supports Auto Headland Closing.
    *Headland refers to the area surrounding the middle part of the field.

3 Guidance Line Modes for Different Field Shapes

It works for different shapes of the field, be it rectangular, square, irregular, or pivot's irrigated fields. You can set Straight Line, Curve, and Pivot Mode for specific field shapes and use it for auto navigation driving.

All Information at A Glance with Field Management

A field can be set to grow different things in different areas. With the field management feature, it will help you to manage the field area, guidance line, boundaries and tasks of different fields. Smart field management enables all information at a glance.

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Up to 10 Implements in the Implement Library

During different farming seasons, farmers need to change different implements on their tractors to assist in farming. Therefore, using the Implement Library function to manage measurement data of implements is very time-saving for farmers. It means that farmers can avoid measuring implements repeatedly.

Start or Stop Your Task Anywhere, Anytime

Upgrading the Task Continuation feature, you can start or stop your task from anywhere at any time. Because it can record all your task information, it will take you back to the right place to continue the task next time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use F100 Advanced Mode?

F100 Advanced Mode is a software upgrade based on the F100 Auto Steer System that adds functionality to the system for use. For example, U-turn Auto Drive, Field Management, etc. After your purchase is successful, we will send you an activation code via email, provided you already own the F100 Auto Steer System.

2. What are the functions of the F100 Advanced Mode?

The F100 Advanced Mode includes features such as U-turn Auto Drive, Pivot Guidance Line, Field Management, Implement Library, Task Continuation and Path Numbering,etc.

3. Is there a time limit for upgrading the F100 Advanced Mode functions?

F100 Advanced Mode function upgrades are pay once, use forever.

4. Can I add F100 Advanced Mode to my current auto steer system?

The F100 Advanced Mode is only applicable to Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System.

5. What extra application scenarios does F100 Advanced Mode have?

It works when you operate in irrigated fields, manage multiple fields, and plant crops that require frequent implement changes.

6. If I buy an F100 auto steer system, can I upgrade to the F100 advanced mode later?

Sure, if you need to have an advanced mode, please purchase the F100 Advanced Mode. Our AE team will help you with the upgrade.

7. If I want to upgrade to the F100 advanced mode later, do I need to buy another system?

No, there is no need to change your hardware. If you don't have F100 Auto Steer System yet, then F100 with Advanced Mode will be your best choice.

Customer Reviews

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My Sveaverken F100 is the one thing that works on them all.

My tractors, planters, and strip till rigs have all been different brands and styles, but my Sveaverken F100 is the one thing that works on them all.

Jimmy Strain
The easiest to operate auto-steering system!

The Sveaverken F100 is actually the first auto-steer unit I’ve owned myself, but I’ve used several other units, including a Trimble unit my brother owns. However, this is the easiest to operate of all of them I’ve ever used. Right now, it’s used for guidance on a John Deere 9500 combine, but I already know I can do a lot more with it. Looking forward to how it performs in my four-wheel-drive.

This is a quality product that simply works.

This is a quality product that simply works. Company is great to work with.

Good for helping out with potato bouting and drilling

We like Sveaverken F100. Weve had a tractor in tiffing for a local potato grower this spring and its performed immaculately. Its always been fine for our cereal work but with root crop beds you need to be bang on, which its been.