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F100 Tractor Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode

F100 Tractor Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode

High Accuracy & Efficiency | Compatible with Multiple Tractor Brands

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Sveaverken F100 Tractor Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode enables your farming simpler, easier, and more efficient. It includes features such as U-turn Auto Drive, Straight & Curve & Pivot Guidance Lines, Field Management and more.
  • Increased Efficiency: It can significantly increase the efficiency of farming operations by allowing farmers to cover more ground in less time. This means that farmers can plant, cultivate, and harvest their crops faster, which can ultimately lead to higher yields and profits.
  • Improved Accuracy: It uses GNSS technology to guide tractors along precise paths, which results in improved accuracy and reduced overlap when planting or spraying. This reduces the amount of wasted seed or chemicals, which can save farmers money and benefit the environment.
  • Reduced Fatigue: It can relieve operators from the burden of constantly steering the tractor, reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and improved working conditions.
  • Wide Compatibility: It can be installed on a variety of tractors, making them compatible with a wide range of farming operations. This means that farmers can upgrade their old tractors to take advantage of the benefits of auto steer technology.
  • Higher Productivity: It can help farmers work more efficiently and accurately, resulting in increased productivity. This can ultimately lead to higher profits and a more successful farming operation.
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More Autonomous Operations, More Relaxed Farming

Voice of the Customer

"If it weren't for the Sveaverken F100, I wouldn't have been able to videotape with my hands in the air and I would have had to focus on controlling the tractor's direction. But, not only could I video record, the tractor was still in the right place performing the right task."

 -A Customer from Germany

“With the Sveaverken F100, my tractor is no longer dependent on me, it drives itself and goes in a perfectly straight line. This has really changed the way of traditional farming. Auto Steer System has really realized the technology of precision farming.”

-A Customer from France

“I used to feel really physically and mentally exhausted after driving the tractor. Since using the F100 system, my hands are rarely on the steering wheel and I can even play with my phone. After installing the system on the tractor, I am happier working in the fields.”
-A Customer from Austria

The Benefits of Using the Tractor Auto Steer System for Farmers.

  • Harrowing

    The F100 uses GNSS to guide the tractor precisely where it is needed again for harrowing. This helps to reduce land overlap and eliminate land gaps, thus saving time, fuel and resources.

  • Planting

    The F100 can be used to create straight/curve/pivot lines when planting in irregularly shaped or contoured fields. This is particularly helpful because it ensures that every inch of the field is used efficiently.

  • Spraying

    The F100 can be used to ensure accurate and uniform application of pesticides. This will reduce waste of pesticides and ensure that every part of the field is covered.

  • Harvesting

    The F100 can be used to guide the tractor and implements through the field, ensuring that each row is harvested precisely. This can help maximize yields and reduce waste.

​2.5cm High Precision, Reducing Overlaps and Skips

Precision farming has never been easier with the 2.5cm high precision navigation of the Tractor Auto Steer System. With precision farming technology, you can achieve unparalleled precision in your farming practices, resulting in higher yields and less waste. Whether you are planting, tilling or spraying, the 2.5cm precision navigation of the Auto Steer System optimizes your field work, reduces overlap and minimizes input costs.

Efficient and Easy Farming Days Start with U-turn Auto Drive

F100 U-turn Auto Drive enables auto path planning, auto turning, auto straight line driving with 2.5cm high accuracy, and finally auto headland closing. It aims for better land use and less fertilizer waste.

3 Guidance Line Modes for Different Field Shapes

It works for different shapes of the field, be it rectangular, square, irregular, or pivot's irrigated fields. You can set Straight Line, Curve, and Pivot Mode for specific field shapes and use it for auto navigation driving.

All Information at A Glance with Field Management

A field can be set to grow different things in different areas. With the field management feature, it will help you to manage the field area, guidance line, boundaries and tasks of different fields. Smart field management enables all information at a glance.

Up to 10 Implements in the Implement Library

During different farming seasons, farmers need to change different implements on their tractors to assist in farming. Therefore, using the Implement Library function to manage measurement data of implements is very time-saving for farmers. It means that farmers can avoid measuring implements repeatedly.


Single Antenna, Easy to Install

30 minutes to complete the modification of the tractor with Auto Steer System.

As a highly integrated navigation system, F100 consists of four modules: GNSS Receiver, Electric Steering Wheel, Control Terminal, and Angle Sensor.


Simpler and Efficient

Relax your mind and don't worry if your tractor is on the right path. Free your hands, because Electric Steering Wheel can achieve automatic steering.

No need to control the direction with your hands all the time. Easy to care for the operation of tractor implements.

Widely Adaptable to Over 90% of Tractor Brands

Are you still considering replacing your old tractor with a new one? Are you still worried about the productivity of your old tractor? Why not fit your old tractor with the F100 Tractor Auto Steer System, which is available on over 90% of tractor makes and models, providing farmers with a cost-effective solution to improve their farming ways. Rather than replacing your old tractor, installing an Auto Steer System will allow you to achieve high precision and efficiency, resulting in higher yields and less waste.

*You can fill in your tractor make and model in the order comments field when you place your order. I will send you the appropriate spline sleeve.


1. Is the F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode compatible with my equipment?

Our system is compatible with 90% of all tractor, transplanter, sprayer, and harvester brands and models on the market. Whether your equipment is a front-drive, or rear-drive type, you can first check yourself in the F100 compatibility table. If you don't find the make and model of your equipment on the table, you can contact us via Leave your equipment brand and model and we will have our technicians do the compatibility test.

2. What are the main components of the F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode?

It contains both hardware and software.

The hardware has 4 main components: a control terminal, electric steering wheel, GNSS receiver, and angle sensor. Plus some accessories and wires. You can refer to the manual.

For the software part, we will send you the software activation code by email after you finish the payment for F100 with advanced mode.

3. Can you switch off the U-turn in a task? Or do you need to close the task before switching?

It is impossible to turn the U-turn on/off in a task, you have to exit the task and enter advanced mode to do so; However, it is possible to change the driving direction of the U-turn or manual/automatic during the task.

4.How do I activate the features of the advanced mode?

Step 1: Purchase the F100 Advanced Mode to get the activation code.

Step 2: Open the system > Tap Settings > System Settings > Mode Selection > Activate

Step 3: Enter the activation code in the pop-up dialog, and tap OK.

Step 4: After the activation code is verified, an Information Confirmation dialog pops up. If the code is correct, click confirm to activate.

Step 5: After the mode is activated, the user can view its status and the advanced mode interface, and the functions including field task, U-turn, and so on can be used.

5.Can this system also keep field records etc, and if so, what is saved?

When you tap the record button on the screen, the system will start counting acres; the historical data will keep information on each operation (time, which field, which baseline, operation length, operation track).

6. How do you mount it on a plastic bonnet?

We will provide screws. You can fix it by screwing it or with 3M adhesive stickers.

7. How would it work in bad conditions?

The waterproof rating of the GNSS receiver is IP66, and the steering wheel and control terminal are both IP65. Therefore, the 2.5cm high precision system supports your operation at night, in rain and snow.

8. How to use coverage area recording?

You can click on the record button at the bottom right of the screen.

9. What is the difference between the F100 Auto Steer System and F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode?

The difference between the F100 Auto Steer System and F100 with Advanced Mode is mainly in the functions.

Both of them can achieve 2.5cm high precision navigation and the setting of the guidance line (straight line and curve line).

Therefore, the F100 Auto Steer System can meet farmers' daily needs for farming.

When you have higher demands for the functions, such as U-turn auto drive and filed management, then you can purchase the F100 Advanced Mode (software upgrade) or the package of F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode directly.

10. Can the system achieve 2,,5cm high accuracy without using RTK Base Station or NTRIP network protocols?

No, the system operates with an accuracy of about 30 cm when no RTK base station or NTRIP network protocol is used.

11. Do I have to use RTK?

It depends on your needs. RTK is recommended if you need high-precision operations.

If not, you can choose the SBAS function (coming soon). Services including WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and SDCM are provided for free.

12. What languages does the system support?

Currently, 18 languages are available: English, Turkish, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Czech, Portuguese, Serbian (Latin), Polish and Romanian.

What's in the Box


Electric Steering Wheel
Size 410mm
Power Supply 12/24V
Maximum Torque 20 Nm(12V)/30 Nm(24V)
Waterproof & Dustproof IP 65
Display & Control Terminal
Size 275×180×40 mm
Display 10.1'' inches >500nits LED screen; 1280*800 pixels
Power Supply 9 V - 36 V
Operating Temperature -20 ℃~70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~85 ℃
Waterproof and Dustproof IP65
GNSS Antenna
Frequency GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3, Galileo E1/E5b
Size 162*78 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ℃~+70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~+85 ℃
Waterproof & Dustproof IP 66

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

does this unit work in Canada

Jeroen van der Ploeg
better then EZ steer

The costumer service was great and really comes back to quickly, the system and the monitor and lay out is extremely easy to use, the start up process is at least 6x faster then the EZ steer system and a lot more accurate with out having to pay a monthly fee, good job Sveaverken!

Christopher Plath
A life safety tool

A very good tool it will pay for itself in a week. I see it as a life safety tool - navigating when otherwise occupied with livestock could be useful, or in low visibility situations.

Charles Lynch
Reduced overlap paid for it in the first year.

When we set up Sveaverken F100 auto steer on our 8770 I near freaked out at first. Now wouldnt be without it its a big time saver and fuel saver. Reduced overlap paid for it in the first year.

Philip Miller
A great creation!

I found using john deere's built in greenstar systems more difficult to get used to because the wheels move to steer but the steering wheel stays still if you move the steering wheel manually the guidance steering cuts out. Fantastic piece of Sveaverken F100 auto-steering kit the more you use it the more you'll like it. It's wild how much that steering wheel is moving when going "straight"! Improving efficiency is an ongoing objective. It's a fun time in history with all the new "toys" we have.