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Sveaverken New Precision Farming GPS Software Version (V3.1.5.25)

Welcome, fellow farmers and precision agriculture enthusiasts! Today, we are thrilled to unveil the all-new precision farming GPS software version for our beloved F100 Auto Steer System. This upgrade is set to optimize the way you navigate your fields and manage your agriculture guidance systems. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting new features of this software and provide you with essential notes for a seamless upgrade. So, buckle up and get ready to witness the upgrade of F100 farm GPS software!

New Features for F100 Precision Farming GPS Software

The new precision farming GPS software version for the F100 Auto Steer System introduces a range of exciting new features that enhance the precision farming experience. These features include the addition of a Bluetooth keypad function, adaptation to articulated tractors, binding to the farm management system, motor optimization, and expanded language support.

1. Bluetooth Keypad Function

The addition of a Bluetooth keypad function allows users to have more control and convenience while operating the F100 Auto Steer System. It allows users to input commands and make adjustments easily, improving efficiency in the field.

farming GPS

2. Adaptation to Articulated Tractors

The new farm GPS software version has been specifically designed to adapt to articulated tractors. So it ensures seamless integration and compatibility. This enhancement allows farmers with articulated tractors to take full advantage of the precision farming capabilities offered by the agriculture guidance systems.

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3. Binding to Farm Management System

This feature offers farmers a complete and integrated solution for precision farming needs. Thus, it allows for seamless data transfer and synchronization between the F100 Auto Steer System and the farm management system.

US or EU

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4. Motor Optimization

The new farm GPS software version includes motor optimization, which expands the adjustable range of manual intervention and improves motor response speed. Thus, it ensures precise path following and reduces the need for manual corrections.

5. Expanded Language Support

Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Slovak, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Danish, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, and Norwegian have been included in this version, while German and Korean have been optimized. In total, 29 languages are available now. This broad language support allows farmers from different regions to use the F100 Auto Steer System easily.

These new features in the F100 precision farming GPS software version demonstrate Sveaverken's commitment to continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of its precision agriculture guidance systems. With these advancements, farmers can optimize their operations and make informed decisions to achieve better yields and profitability.

Notes for the Upgrade of the F100 Farm GPS Software

Before the Upgrade

1. Ensure a stable network connection throughout the upgrade process.

· Wi-Fi: Ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is stable. It is recommended to use your phone as a hotspot.

· 4G: Ensure that the data service is enabled for your SIM card and it contains enough

data for an OTA upgrade (about 500M, the actual data usage may differ).

2. Before starting the upgrade, ensure that all major components of the kit are properly connected. Check the connection status on the Troubleshooting screen.

3. Before upgrading, ensure that all components are connected to a regulated power supply.

4. If you use the OTA to upgrade the motor, please unplug the angle sensor during the whole upgrade procedure.

5. Please perform the upgrades under the guidance of the service personnel.

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During the Upgrade

1. Do not disconnect any components during the upgrade.

2. The screen is inoperative during the upgrade. Check the upgrade progress on the screen, and wait for the upgrade to complete.

3. Do NOT interrupt the upgrade by forcibly logging out of the system, shutting down the control terminal, or disconnecting the main components; otherwise, you shall take full responsibility for any adverse consequences.

After the Upgrade

1. When the upgrade is completed, a prompt shows up on the screen indicating that the system is upgraded successfully and will automatically run the new version.

2. Go to System Settings > About, and check whether all components have been upgraded to the latest versions as shown below.

APP version:

ECU version: or

IMU version:

Motor version:

3. If the upgrade fails, the system will prompt you to try again. Tap Retry to upgrade again.

4. If you encounter any problems during the upgrade, contact your local dealer for help.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the new precision farming GPS software version from Sveaverken brings a host of exciting features that enhance the precision farming experience. With the addition of several new features, farmers can now have more control, seamless integration, comprehensive data management, improved autosteering operations, and greater accessibility. These advancements demonstrate Sveaverken's commitment to continually improving its precision agriculture guidance systems. Thus, it empowers farmers with the tools they need to optimize their operations and achieve better yields and profitability.

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