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Everything You Need To Know About Sveaverken Easy Control For GPS Tractor Guidance

While utilizing the Sveaverken tractor navigation system, farmers might encounter difficulties in using touch screens. This is because of wearing gloves or frequently alternating between the tractor and F100 system setup. Sveaverken Easy Control offers a convenient solution to overcome these obstacles. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about Sveaverken Easy Control. It mainly explains the undeniable benefits and what you can do with it for agriculture GPS tractor guidance. Get ready to unlock a brand new experience for the F100 Auto Steer System.

What Is Sveaverken Easy Control?

Sveaverken Easy Control is a wireless controller created for the Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System. This tool allows you to operate it using tangible buttons. It enables farmers to execute farming operations effortlessly and swiftly. You can activate or deactivate auto mode, set AB points, and calculate the covered area, thereby improving the F100 system's experience. The Sveaverken Easy Control is perfect for challenging situations. For example, when the touchscreen is inaccessible, hands are damp or wearing gloves, or the cabin is vibrating or dusty.

Sveaverken Easy Control

What Are the Benefits of Sveaverken Easy Control

Smooth and Smart Icon Design

Unlike other complex controllers that require extensive memorization, this device features icons that perfectly match the touchscreen display. From the beginning, users can effortlessly navigate through the tractor navigation system. Thus, farmers can optimize their workflow and boost productivity.

Control at Your Fingertips Anytime

Even when the touchscreen is out of reach or your hands are wet or gloved, this advanced device ensures that you can easily engage and disengage the tractor navigation system. Besides, it helps farmers mark points, measure areas, and perform other essential functions with just one click.

Control at Fingertips

Durable and Reliable for Long-Term Use

Crafted with durability in mind, this device has undergone rigorous material hardness testing. And it has been rated IP67 for superior protection against dust, water, and other potential hazards. Besides, the tool has been tested to handle over 100,000 clicks and beyond.

Wireless Controller for Optimal Convenience

It has a wireless communication range of up to 15m and a compact design. So it allows for easy installation in any part of the tractor cab. You can mount it on the dashboard for easy reach, attach it to the steering wheel for seamless operation, or position it within arm's reach.

What You Can Do with Sveaverken Easy Control for GPS Tractor Guidance?

Effortless Auto Mode Management

Auto Mode Management

With the Sveaverken Easy Control, you can easily switch the auto mode on or off with just a press of the blue button. This feature helps farmers improve field monitoring and safety. Besides, it allows you to stay attentive to field rows and surroundings while managing the Auto Steer System. Thus, farmers can experience the simplicity of tractor auto steer with Sveaverken Easy Control.

Seamless Area Metering Control

The dedicated yellow button on the Sveaverken Easy Control enables you to effortlessly manage area metering. With a simple press on the device, you can easily calculate and quickly obtain accurate field area measurements. By precisely tracking the field area, you can greatly boost efficiency with the F100 GPS tractor guidance system in your agricultural activities.

Area Metering Control

Intuitive Guidance Line Creation

Creating a guidance line has never been easier with the Sveaverken Easy Control. Within the 15-meter Bluetooth reception range, you can effortlessly mark, cancel, and save position points to create any guidance line you need. This innovative feature provides a seamless user experience, eliminating touchscreen limitations. Say goodbye to the frustrations of on-screen marking and better enjoy the convenience.

The Sveaverken Easy Control wireless controller is an essential accessory for agriculture GPS tractor guidance. With its effortless control of auto mode, area metering, and intuitive guidance line creation, this device enhances your overall autosteering experience and improves efficiency in your farming operations.

Guidance Line Creation

Final Thoughts

Incorporate Sveaverken Easy Control for enhanced efficiency and productivity in your farming operations. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify and streamline your tractor guidance tasks with this state-of-the-art technology. Embrace easy auto steer on your farm with Sveaverken Easy Control for F100 now!


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