The Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System direct-to-consumer service is the future of precision agriculture.

The Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System direct-to-consumer service is the future of precision agriculture.

Sveaverken's compelling new service draws you deeper into the high-precision auto steer system.

Sveaverken, a century-old Swedish brand, is revolutionizing the European and American farming industry with its innovative direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach in precision agriculture. Our game-changing technology, the F100 Tractor Auto Steer System, is set to transform the way farmers work.

Affordable Pricing:

Sveaverken is committed to making advanced precision agriculture technology accessible to farmers worldwide by offering high-quality solutions at budget-friendly prices through a DTC sales model.

Our official online store offers a unique and transparent shopping experience, breaking away from traditional sales methods in the precision agriculture industry. Sveaverken's customizable system features cater to the specific needs of each farming operation, ensuring optimal results.

The F100 Auto Steer System, priced at an attractive $5,499, delivers an impressive 2.5 cm high accuracy performance. This cost-effective solution enables farmers to carry out field operations more efficiently, minimizing human errors such as land overlapping or skipping. The outcome is maximized farm profitability and optimized operations.

For added versatility, the F100 Advanced System, currently on sale for $5,999, has a smart U-turn feature that simplifies field operations and increases productivity.

Sveaverken stands out among competitors by paving the way for a brighter future in agriculture. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the game-changing power of Sveaverken's automatic steering systems. Visit our official online store today to explore their tailored solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sveaverken's DTC sales model offers free doorstep delivery service to farmers in Europe and America, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience. In addition, every farmer utilizing the Sveaverken F100 System receives access to one-on-one technical support from experts online, as well as offline technical assistance appointments, guaranteeing timely and efficient assistance.

Sveaverken user Suzanne shared her experience: "Sveaverken's exceptional customer service makes it easy for female farmers like myself to effortlessly install and effectively utilize the F100 Auto Steer System, reaping the benefits it offers. This was my first encounter with cutting-edge precision agriculture technology, and it has brought joy to my farming endeavors."

Robust User Engagement

  1. Brand Ambassadors: In the North American market, Sveaverken has launched its first-ever Brand Ambassador program. The goal is to have ambassadors genuinely experience the product and share its true benefits with more farmers, enabling them to access and experience the F100 Auto Steer System nearby, ultimately helping more farmers reduce costs and increase efficiency in their farm management.

  1. Online to Offline: In the European market, Sveaverken boasts a vast network of local dealers. To enable farmers to affordably experience high-tech precision agriculture products, Sveaverken's Online Store has introduced a €200 voucher. Farmers can exchange a €29.9 voucher for a €200 discount when purchasing the F100 Auto Steer System offline. This initiative aims to make precision agriculture more accessible and affordable for farmers, further solidifying Sveaverken's commitment to their customers' success.

  1. Social Media: Sveaverken DTC has expanded its reach and perfectly executed its customer-centric mission by establishing exclusive social media channels for its online store. Sveaverken has created a dedicated user group for the F100 System on Facebook, providing a platform for users to share, exchange, and learn from one another. Meanwhile, we focus on telling user stories and collecting feedback on Instagram, enabling every user to participate in brand building. This demonstrates Sveaverken's commitment to treating every user with utmost importance.


In conclusion, Sveaverken is a century-old brand that dares to innovate, breaking new ground in the precision agriculture sector by implementing a pioneering DTC strategy. Our mission is to provide users with first-class products and services, enabling the brand to connect with users and grow together through innovation. As the agricultural world continues to progress, the F100 Auto Steer System is fully prepared to become an integral part of the industry's development, driving the advancement of agriculture and shaping its future. Visit Sveaverken's online store now and experience the difference firsthand.



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