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F100 Auto Steer System for Tractor Boosts Your Yield

F100 Auto Steer System for Tractor Boosts Your Yield

2.5cm High Accuracy|Compatible with John Deere & Case IH Models

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Based on Sveaverken Precision AgTech, F100 Auto Steer System is your best investment.
  • 2.5cm High Accuracy Operation. 
  • Reduced Land Overlap and Skipping.
  • Old Equipment? Not a Problem.
  • Get Rid of the Fatigue of Traditional Farming.
  • 410mm Large Steering Wheel with Huge Steering Power.
  • Single GNSS Antenna Module Design for One-Man Installation.
  • 365-day Hassle-free Warranty.

After-sale Service

· 365-day warranty

· 7/24 hours online 1v1 technical support (Free)

· Full installation documentation package (Free)

· Offline technical support within the nearest range (Paid)

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Voice of the Customer

"If it weren't for the Sveaverken F100, I wouldn't have been able to videotape with my hands in the air and I would have had to focus on controlling the tractor's direction. But, not only could I video record, the tractor was still in the right place performing the right task."

 -A Customer from Germany

“With the Sveaverken F100, my tractor is no longer dependent on me, it drives itself and goes in a perfectly straight line. This has really changed the way of traditional farming. Auto Steer System has really realized the technology of precision farming.”

-A Customer from France

“I used to feel really physically and mentally exhausted after driving the tractor. Since using the F100 system, my hands are rarely on the steering wheel and I can even play with my phone. After installing the system on the tractor, I am happier working in the fields.”
-A Customer from Austria

Why use Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System?


Superior Performance with Affordable Price

Sveaverken offers the affordable F100 Auto Steer System to optimize your farm's ROI (Return on Investment).

Compared to systems costing more than 10,000 Euros, F100 is cost-effective and multi-functional.


Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement

Nowadays, all farmers are confronted with challenges of waste and inefficiency.

With the development of Precision AgTech, Sveaverken F100 Auto steer System helps farmers to realize the vision of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. It reduces the amount of fuel, seed, fertilizer, and pesticides by optimizing the tractor's path through the field. It also increases yield per hectare by eliminating skips and overlaps in the field with RTK precision navigation technology.

If you are a farmer, the F100 Auto Steer System is your best choice.


± 2.5cm High Precision

With an unachievable accuracy level by human operators, Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System can reach 2.5cm high precision with GNSS RTK technology.

Improving farming precision is our common goal, and the Sveaverken F100 escorts your farm operation.


Guidance Line Mode

With F100, you can create straight and curved guidance line modes. In any given mode, the system will perform optimal path planning to eliminate skips and overlaps in your fields. Thus, it reduces wasted resources and increases field yields.

In addition, Guidance Line Sync enables information sharing between multiple systems, avoiding overlaps in the same field.


Terrain Compensation

If the auto-steer system does not have the terrain compensation feature, it will result in large offsets even on land with minimal slope. That may increase the overlapped area, material usage, and operating time. 

With F100 Terrain Compensation, there is no need to worry about the terrain in your field.


Wide Adaptability

F100 Auto Steer System is an effective way for precision farming solutions. It is not only for a single model of tractor, but also compatible with more than 90% of brand tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters and seeders.

Check your tractors adaptability

Easy to Install, Highly Integrated

30 minutes to complete the modification of the tractor with Auto Steer System. As a highly integrated navigation system, F100 consists of four modules: GNSS Receiver, Electric Steering Wheel, Control Terminal, and Angle Sensor.

Reduce Fatigue Operations

Relax your mind and don't worry if your tractor is on the right path. Free your hands, because Electric Steering Wheel can achieve automatic steering.

No need to control the direction with your hands all the time. Easy to care for the operation of tractor implements.

What's in the Box?


Electric Steering Wheel
Size 410mm
Power Supply 12/24V
Maximum Torque 20 Nm(12V)/30 Nm(24V)
Waterproof & Dustproof IP 65
Display & Control Terminal
Size 275×180×40 mm
Display 10.1'' inches >500nits LED screen; 1280*800 pixels
Power Supply 9 V - 36 V
Operating Temperature -20 ℃~70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~85 ℃
Waterproof and Dustproof IP65
GNSS Antenna
Frequency GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3, Galileo E1/E5b
Size 162*78 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ℃~+70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~+85 ℃
Waterproof & Dustproof IP 66

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rick McDowell
Worth the money

This is a good way to get guidance on an older tractor. I recommend the base station to get sub 1 inch accuracy. The team helped me get through some problems I was having and fixed everything.

Very happy with the Sveaverken F100!

Put the Sveaverken F100 on my spreader truck this spring and it is the bomb! Couldn't be happier!

Matthew Sapp
Great after-sales service

I was amazed by the after-sales service of the sveaverken F100. I didn't think it was possible to achieve a one-person installation and the professional technician online was very patient in his guidance.

You can do a better job with Sveaverken F100.

I'm 65 years old and do seasonal tractor work for local farmers. Without Sveaverken F100 I would probably quit. It is so much easier to put in long days doing tillage work and you can do a better job with Sveaverken F100. : )

Great product!

When I used the sveaverken F100, my tractor was no longer difficult to work with. I think this is really a new way of working, freeing human hands. the F100 makes the tractor free from human driving in a straight line.