Sveaverken New Precision Farming GPS Software Version (V3.1.6)

Sveaverken New Precision Farming GPS Software Version (V3.1.6)

The Sveaverken team has continuously worked on improving and innovating technologies to provide farmers with more efficient and convenient services in precision agriculture. We know the attention and trust many people have placed in the F100 Auto Steer System. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the exciting news of the new precision agriculture GPS software version 3.1.6 for the F100 Auto Steer System. In this blog post, we will delve into this version's exciting new features and improvements.


New UI

The new precision agriculture GPS software version for the F100 Auto Steer System has redesigned a more user-friendly UI, making all data more concise and intuitive. We have also enhanced the interface's interactivity by adding icons, allowing users to view and use system functions more quickly. However, the UI has some differences between the basic and advanced modes of the F100 Auto Steer System. In the real-time task operation data section on the homepage, the advanced version includes two additional data: the total area of the field and the completion ratio. On the overview page, the advanced version also consists of the field section and boundary section not found in the basic version.



New Features

A+ Guidance Line

The new V3.1.6 of the F100 Auto Steer System, whether in the basic or advanced mode, includes the A+ guidance line function. This feature aims to simplify and precisely the process of creating a guidance line for farmers, enabling them to draw a guidance line more quickly and accurately. Creating an A+ guidance line is simple, requiring only the creation of a guidance line in the direction of the tractor or inputting an angle required. It involves setting a guiding line with a point A and a direction. This feature is very beneficial for farmers planting crops with specific sunlight angle requirements, as A+ guidance lines them to set the angle needed for such particular crops.


Line Group

The new line group feature enables users to import custom operation paths into the tractor system via FMS or USB to meet their needs. The F100 Basic System and the F100 Advanced System can utilize the line group function.

Line group allows the custom import multi-line. For instance, in complex terrain operation areas, farmers can manually convert their driving paths into line groups or use GIS software to draw paths and import them as a line group, as well as for complex job requirements (different combinations of guidance lines or combine guidance lines in different directions) using both methods.

In addition to importing multiple line segments, the line group feature supports creating line groups composed of short-distance line segments that can use GIS software to import into tractors. Such short lines combination can be used to create planting paths for special crops, such as sugarcane. In cases where there is a missing point in the initial planting of sugarcane, farmers can drive tractors along the guidance line of the short line group for replanting.

Lastly, the line group feature can also convert completed paths into a line group, facilitating multiple operations in the same operational scenario for farmers. For example, after planting potatoes, farmers can directly use the guidance line of the sowing operation trajectory for harvesting when performing subsequent harvests.



Guidance Line (Boundary) Quick Change

The newly added guidance line (boundary) quick change is a practical feature that can improve farmers' efficiency and comfort, especially when frequently switching guidance lines and boundaries is needed. Farmers can quickly switch between guidance lines and boundaries based on different fields, operating environments, and operation paths. The F100 Basic System does not support quick boundary change. Previously, switching the guidance line and boundary in the earlier software versions of the F100 Auto Steer System and the F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode required ending the current task before changing guidance lines and boundaries. With this new feature, switching guidance lines and boundaries has become highly convenient, as it can change directly from the homepage without the need for complex switching operations.


Basic U-turn

The basic version of the F100 in the new Precision Agriculture GPS software version 3.1.6 supports unlocking basic U-turns through separate payments. The basic U-turn is a one-click turnaround automatically that enables the tractor to travel to the next row for operation, improving efficiency. The U-turn feature of the advanced version has been renamed Smart U-turn. The advanced version includes both Basic U-turn and Smart U-turn. Farmers can choose the appropriate U-turn function based on their operational conditions and fields. The basic U-turn provides two turning shapes, Ω-shape and fish-tail shape, allowing for left or right turns. The Ω-shape is suitable for areas with ample turning space. At the same time, the fish-tail shape can save turning space and is ideal for fields with limited turning space, requiring manual switching between forward and reverse gears. Compared to manual turning, the advantages of Sveaverken's basic U-turn function include a more orderly reserved turning area and higher turning efficiency. Additionally, it provides reminders for mounted implements, demonstrating a stronger emphasis on ensuring user operational safety compared to other bands' basic U-turns.



Asset Library

The new software version V3.1.6 of the F100 Auto Steer System and the F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode introduces a vehicle library, and the F100 Basic System also adds an implement library. Farmers can use the vehicle library to store all vehicle parameters and provide quick calibration guidance to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Farmers can add vehicles without any quantity restrictions. The calibration parameters are associated with the vehicles, and under normal circumstances, farmers do not require recalibration when changing vehicles. Asset libraries now include both an implement library and a vehicle library. The new version of the implement library also enables the unlimited addition of implements.



The New F100 Basic System And The New F100 Advanced System

The following chart will illustrate the key differences between the basic and advanced versions of our latest software update. Through this chart, you will better understand the disparities between the two versions, enabling you to make a more informed choice about the version that best suits your needs.



Final Thoughts

Sveaverken is dedicated to continuously improving the precision agricultural steering system, and the V3.1.6 update is proof of the Sveaverken team's efforts. The new version of the auto steer system software from Sveaverken brings a range of new features. These new features make the F100 Auto Steer System more practical and efficient, providing better operational services for farmers. Suppose you have installed the F100 Auto Steer System or the F100 Auto Steer System with Advanced Mode. If you are interested in the new precision agriculture GPS software version 3.1.6 for the F100 Auto Steer System, then update it quickly.

Your opinions are invaluable as we work to revolutionize precision agriculture. Stay tuned for more from us in the future!

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