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Sveaverken Farm Management System

Sveaverken Farm Management System

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Farm Management System
Connect Your Auto Steer System's Best Ally

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Connect Your Auto Steer System's Best Ally

The Farm Management System (FMS) effortlessly combines F100 Auto Steer Sytem and centralizes agricultural operation data, driving farming into the digital age with increased efficiency.

  • Farm Management

  • Field Management

  • AG Machinery Management

  • Task Assignment

  • Record Reserve

Connect Auto Steer for Streamlined Work


Facilitate the integration of FMS and F100, ensuring smooth exchange of information and allocation of tasks.

Data Visualization

Access real-time positions, status, and historical data of multiple auto steer systems, empowering informed decision-making.


Effortlessly establish boundary and guidance lines in advance, delegating tasks to auto steer systems to optimize workflow efficiency.*

*Note: F100 advanced mode only.

Field Management

  • File Sync

    Easily create accurate boundaries and generate precise guidance lines using a user-friendly map interface, enabling seamless task assignment to the auto steer system.*
    *Note: F100 advanced mode only.

  • Boundary Design

    Effortlessly import and export boundary and guidance line files in GeoJSON/Shapefile formats, simplifying the transfer process to the auto steer system.**Note: F100 advanced mode only.

Record Tracking

Task Monitoring

Efficiently monitor and track tasks performed by the auto steer system, enabling better task management and facilitating seamless coordination with farm operations.

Maintenance Support

Effectively manage and address potential issues by logging and analyzing abnormal records from the auto steer system, providing timely alerts and facilitating prompt maintenance assistance.

Farm Management

  • Farm Equipment Management

    Streamline the management of agricultural machinery, resulting in improved efficiency in production tool management.

  • Personnel Assignment

    Optimize task distribution and improve team efficiency by assigning roles and tasks to farmers or employees, enabling them to record and access relevant data specific to their responsibilities, facilitating seamless collaboration and streamlined farm management.

  • Inventory Control

    Effortlessly track and manage the movement of materials by maintaining a comprehensive log of inbound and outbound inventory, ensuring accurate inventory control and efficient resource utilization.