User Cases

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Planting in UK
April 13th

Plowing in Austria
May 23rd

Cutting hay in Belgium
July 7th

Planting in Poland
Feburary 24th

Plowing in Belgium
May 22th

Harrowing in Finland
January 8th

Plowing in New Zealand
December 2nd

U-turn Auto Drive in Spain
Feburary 4th

Auto Steer in Turkey
April 22th

Spraying in Serbia
May 23rd

Seeding in Holand
Feburary 1st

Cutting hay in France
June 7th

What Users Said

Hear the Voice of the Customer for Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System

Hören Sie die Stimme des Kunden für das Sveaver ken F100 Auto Steer System

A lot of farming and good operating results cannot be achieved without a tractor auto steer system. Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System has accumulated many friendly customers from USA and Europe in the field of precision farming. We invited 6 representative customers to share their stories about the using experience of the F100 Auto Steer System. And we are grateful to each of them for their sharing of wonderful moments.

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