Who is Sveaverken

With a heritage of over a hundred years, Sveaverken Svea Agri AB has a long tradition of driving innovations in the farming and husbandry sectors in the Nordic region.

Today, Sveaverken is devoted to transforming the traditional agriculture industry into a more sustainable one by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the usage of fertilizers and pesticides and improving farmers' working conditions.


We do things differently

We are specialized in three forefront areas: field precision farming, digitalized animal husbandry, and automated vertical farming.

Empowered by our advanced technologies in image processing, IoT, and automation, with our partners around the world, we are constantly seeking innovations in the field of agriculture to feed the growing earth population in a more sustainable way.


Sveaverken Precision Farming

Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System

Inspiring Moments 

User in Turkey

"I am one of the first sveaverken customers to use the F100 Auto Steer System. Before, I didn't dare to imagine that the tractor could be driven unmanned. When I installed the F100, I did free my hands and the tractor still keeps going straight with high precision when unmanned. 2.5cm high precision and multi-guidance line mode are the features that have always attracted me to the F100, and my practice proves that it is all true." 

User in United Kingdom

"In the past, when I was tilling with my tractor, it was difficult for me to drive the tractor in a straight line all the time. so there will always be skips and overlaps, which causes me to spend more on fertilizer and fuel. When I installed the F100 Auto Steer System, the 2.5cm high precision straight line really made my job easier and saved me a lot of money. I can distribute my attention. Now I have a lot more time and I can do more work in a day."

User in Turkey

"Managing 300 hectares of land is not easy. When I found the Sveaverken F100 on google, it completely changed my mind. The experience of using the F100 Auto Steer System was amazing. Because the operation is very easy, just create guide lines and the system will automatically plan the path according to the guide lines. In addition, I can still work at night even in low visibility, and its terrain compensation feature allows me to plow in different terrain fields, saving me a lot of effort and money."