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The 2022 Black Friday Deals You Don't Want to Miss - Sveaverken

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived for Sveaverken Precision Agriculture products. Some of the best Black Friday deals have already kicked off, so you can start shopping right away! We're here to help show deals on Sveaverken online store, so you can find exactly what you want at awesome prices.

Sveaverken Black Friday 2022 Deals At a Glance

The busy farming season of the new year will soon be ushered in. In this big promotion, purchasing smart systems to improve the efficiency of farming and reduce the waste of farming fertilizers.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity to save money. For all auto steering products, Black Friday is the best time of year to make your purchases. Because the discounts are as low as you're likely to find all year. The Black Friday 2022 Deals for our products are listed below.

For a single Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System: $5,499. (save $100, free shipping & tax included)

Auto Steer System for Tractor  Precision Farming  Sveaverken F100

For a single Sveaverken F100 Advanced Mode: $800. (save $200 to get an activation code for multiple advanced functions)

For a bundle of Sveaverken F100 with Advanced Mode: $6,099. (save $400, Black Friday Must-Have!)

This package includes F100 Auto Steer System, F100 Advanced Mode, Spline Sleeve, and 1-year Warranty.

Buy 1 Give 1: Buy a Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System, get a F100 Advanced Mode free. (Nov. 25-27 ONLY, Limited 5pcs)

What Should You Buy on Sveaverken Black Friday Sales?

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If you are hesitant to use a tractor auto steer system, the F100 with advanced mode at $6,099 is the best choice for great precision farming experience. Just paying extra $600 gets an advanced F100 auto steer system! In addition, it is free shipping and tax included.

If you own the Sveaverken F100 auto steer system, then you can save $200 and upgrade to the advanced mode at $800. Then you can unlock the functions like U-turn auto-drive and 3 guidance line modes. Besides, these advanced functions will be available throughout your life.

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to get discounts on all precision farming products. You can get up to 40% off for Black Friday top deals. Last but not least, keep an eye out for the big discount for our buy 1 give 1 promotion on November 25th-27th.

After-sale service

With the highly integrated tractor single antenna modular, the Sveaverken auto-steering system supports one-man installation.

What's more, those who purchase from our store will enjoy 7/24 free online chat. The extra gift pack includes a detailed installation guide video and document.

Usually, most problems can be solved with online technical support. If there are any other issues, we will provide the local technical support to help you (Sweden, UK, Belgium, France, Poland).

Why Choose Sveaverken F100 in Precision Farming?

The cost of buying an automatic steering system may seem high, but the higher farming efficiency, and the lower maintenance costs greatly make up for it. Besides, accurate route planning of the auto steer system allows you to optimize gas and lube consumption for each tractor. With a GNSS receiver, receiving data from satellites with minimal error is an opportunity to avoid unexpected changes in the field landscape.

F100 Auto Steer System

  • What to expect

2.5cm high accuracy: GNSS combined with RTK enables real-time positioning with the high precision of 2.5cm, so the tractor can perform tasks precisely in the correct position. It saves farmers time and avoids waste of farming fertilizers by reducing land overlaps and skips. As a result, F100 helps farmers optimize farming procedures and increase profits.

2 guidance line modes: With F100 Auto Steering System, you can achieve both straight and curved guidance line modes. Thus, the system can provide the optimal farming path based on the guidance line you set, reducing wasted resources and increasing field yields.

Easy & fast installation: 30 minutes to retrofit your tractor for a highly integrated navigation system. It consists of four modules: single-band GNSS receiver (single antenna), electric steering wheel, control terminal and angle sensor.

Terrain compensation function: With terrain compensation, the angle sensor can transmit the data of the tractor position in time to adjust the driving data to keep 2.5cm high-precision farming. So, the F100 Auto Steer System avoids large deflections even on land with bumpy slopes, reducing material usage and operating time.

Wide adaptability: The F100 Auto Steer System is compatible with more than 90% of all brands and models of tractors, harvesters, and planters, being an effective approach to precision farming solutions. You can check the F100 adaptability for reference.

  • What you get

You can complete tractor modification in 30 minutes with the single GNSS antenna module design for one-man installation.

With the development of precision farming technology, F100 Auto Steer System helps farmers to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We provide best after-sale service including 365-day warranty, 7/24-hour online 1v1 technical support, installation guide, and local technical support in Sweden, UK, Belgium, France, Poland.

F100 with Advanced Mode

  • What to expect

U-turn auto-drive: This function enables auto path planning, auto turning, auto straight-line driving, and auto headland closing. F100 with Advanced Mode is designed to make better use of the land and reduce fertilizer waste. Thus, you can drive your tractor with ease and focus on implement management.

3 guidance line modes: It works for fields of different shapes, whether rectangular, square, or irregular. Choose to set straight line, curve, and pivot mode for specific field shapes and use them for auto path planning and auto navigation driving.

Sveaverken Online Store

Field management: With the help of this feature, you can set up a field to grow different things in different areas. In addition, it keeps you informed about field areas, guidance lines, boundaries (boundary alert for safe driving) and tasks at a glance.

Implement library: It is necessary for farmers to change different implements on their tractors for different operations throughout farming seasons. As a result, using this function to manage measurement data of implements can avoid repeating the calibration process, being a great time saver for farmers.

Task continuation: After upgrading this feature, you can start or stop your tasks whenever and wherever you want. It can take you back to the right place to continue the task as it records all your task information.

  • What you get

F100 with Advanced Mode comes into play when you're working in irrigated fields, managing multiple fields and growing crops in need of frequent implement changes.

It achieves more autonomous operations and more relaxed farming through Auto Path Planning, Auto Turning, Auto Straight-Line Driving, and Auto Headland Closing.

Free your hands for Sveaverken F100 auto steer system. And it is a best choice for farmers managing multiple fields and maintaining different tractor implements.


Above are the best early sales from Sveaverken online store. We'll update our guide with more Black Friday deals as soon as they drop, and you can join our Facebook group for all the up-to-date news and offers.

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